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Threat Alignment Threat Model Lookup by Controls TTP Research Knowledge Center

Choose one of the following starting points to instantly build your threat model based on a unique, extensive collection of adversary TTP intelligence. View a tutorial of this feature here

Categorized Threats (Motive, Location, Industry)

Choose one or multiple criteria, then select a single adversary or threat category from the right-hand menu. Selecting multiple criteria will narrow your search (usually desired).

Lookup by adversary motive

Lookup by victim industry (scroll for more)

Lookup by adversary or victim location

Adversary Base

Victim Location (Scroll for more)

Select an entire threat category:

No adversaries match selected criteria

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Recent Intelligence

View the full library of recent adversary TTP intelligence heatmaps and source content.

Consider using this handy script to easily generate TTP heatmap files from open-source intel reports!